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About Us

A healthy approach to amazing flavour

Welcome to Go Indian Spice!

Hi, we’re Dave and Lucky, Co-Founders of Go Indian Spice. 

We’re so happy to introduce you to our spice subscription boxes! 

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s food. We believe in great tasting, healthy dishes that make you feel fantastic and still pack a flavour punch. Being of Indian heritage, Indian cuisine has a particularly special place in our heart and we’ve always loved experimenting with creating our own spice blends. 

We wanted a way of bringing our homemade creations to kitchens across the country, to help you share the same joy and fun we have when we’re cooking. But we also wanted to make sure we were bringing something healthy and unique to the market too.

Our mixes are all vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients. We’ve also teamed up with a team of dietitians to provide general monthly health tips – all evidence-based – exclusively for our regular spice box subscribers.

Our spice blends aren’t just for Indian food either. They’re perfect for sparking inspiration, experimenting with your ingredients and creating some truly unique and wonderful fusion dishes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!