About Us

A healthy approach to amazing flavour!

 A Shared Passion

Dave and Lucky founded Go Indian Spice from a shared passion for great Indian cooking inspired by their shared Punjabi heritage which values great flavours and healthy ingredients.

Dave explains: “I was brought up in Glasgow by my mum who was a single parent. Times were really hard and we had to be creative with the food that she would buy to ensure we spent the money wisely with what little we had. Mum would make curried baked beans and masala egg curry as this was cheap when growing up in the 90s.

With the example of his mum, Dave’s passion for cooking was something that was instilled in him at a very young age and the fun he had helping his mum in the kitchen was something that stayed with him.

 “I learnt from my mum, the best cook!” he says.

 His wife Lucky also shares his passion for great cooking and her love for it also comes from growing up.

 “Lucky, learnt to cook from her parents in Punjab, India. Her passion grew from her parents as well”

 “We’re both really lucky to have had parents who loved cooking and knew what good food tasted like as we carried that into our adult lives and now it’s given us the ideas for Go Indian Spice.”

 Go Indian Spice was born out of frustration. “One day we had run out of our spices that we would normally buy from the local Indian grocery shop in Chapeltown in Leeds which had closed for the day, so we went to a local supermarket to buy a curry powder and we thought it would taste nice and it would make a nice curry.”

It wasn’t a happy experience but it would plant a seed of an idea. “The curry powder tasted horrible and was very salty”. Dave and Lucky realised that most of the ‘off the peg’ curries and powders were similar and there was definitely a space for authentic spice blends that not only tasted great but were healthier and lower in salt.

 “We then had a lightbulb moment and we then decided to create our own spice blends”.

We knew we both had a passion for cooking and what worked in our own kitchen could work commercially. It was a process of trial and error and it’s taken 3 years but we’ve created 4 spice blends which are vegan, gluten-free and naturally low in salt and of course they taste great and can be used not just for curries but for a multitude of different recipes.

Our vision was that our spices could be used to cook meals that were as tasty as anything you could get in a restaurant or takeaway that the whole family could enjoy not only the experience of eating but of cooking together.

Our spice blends are inspired by the Punjabi flavours from Northern India which are both our heritage. There are 4 different styles and they work not only with different meats and fish/seafood they are also totally vegan and work with vegan and veggie ingredients too so everybody can enjoy them!

We also believe in giving back to our community and charity is a big part of Go Indian Spice’s ethos. We give some of our spice blends to our local Salvation Army who then give to people in need in the form of a food parcel so they too can enjoy a restaurant style meal.

And the future? Well, we’ve got big plans to expend our range with more exciting and healthy products as well as being a big part of our community and simply enjoying cooking and of course eating!