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Spice Blend Box: The Ultimate Collection of Flavours

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The Perfect Way to Try All of Our Exciting Vegan & Gluten-Free Spice Blends!

Our Spice Blend Box is the perfect way to try all of our exciting vegan spice blends! With something to suit different ingredients and different tastes, it’s hard to choose! Check out our recipes page for some exciting ideas or experiment with your own favourite ingredients. Which one will you try first?

Here are some of the benefits of using our Spice Blend Box:

  • Try all four of our delicious vegan and gluten-free spice blends!
  • Find the perfect blend for your favourite ingredients and tastes
  • Get inspired by our recipes page
  • Experiment with your own favourite ingredients
  • Make a great gift for the foodie in your life
  • No added salt

Order your Spice Blend Box today and see for yourself how it can transform your food!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Harrison
1st impressions

I met the team in Selby yesterday. I'm only a half star chef but I try . I've taken some chicken out of the freezer of my small f/f and as it thaws I am writing this my first review. I shall post again as the stages unfold. I don't have the time to do much cooking but I can't wait to try these expertly hand blended spices from you. Thanks for standing there in the cold Yorkshire weather 😀

Damian Curran
Awesome company

Well what can I say, my phone auto corrected my address when placing the order resulting in the spices being delivered to the wrong house. I contacted the company via email and they responded incredibly promptly by phone call to tell me that they would send me out another package as we thought it was a fault with royal mail. This package obviously went to the Same address as the last one. When we eventually figured out what had happened the guy told me I could keep both boxes and was just glad I got what I ordered. I would highly recommend these guys and toe spices are to die for! Thanks guys!

Mary Bartliff

Spice Blend Box: The Ultimate Collection of Flavours

James Dugdale
Instant flavour with ease

A nicely nuanced and specialised selection of spices. I appreciated how each spice blend catered towards the type of meal you are cooking. I made a prawn and spinach curry using the seafood blend and was very happy with the results as I was not using many ingredients to start with. The heat in the spice is very pleasant and moreish, balancing heat and palatability very well. I highly recommend this product as a great collection of spices.

Handy sachets and great taste

These spice sachets arrived very quickly and added flavour and fun to our evening meals. I'd definitely recommend them as a great way to spice up your dishes and will be ordering again soon.